Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Geekspeak Season 7, Episode 3

Holy wow, have we got a hum-danger of a show for you this week! Not only do we have that great Geekspeak "flava" all the kids seem to love, we also have super special guest star and artist extraordinaire Robbi Rodriguez joining us for the hour! You've seen his work gracing the pages of Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen and Hazed, as well as his own creator-owned projects like Maintenance and Hero Camp! Now hear his voice (as well as Bryan and Steve Watts') as we discuss the following tidbits:
Robbi Rodriguez is awesome! You should totally visit his websites! And while you visit them, listen to the show! If your face is not sufficiently rocked, then...listen again!

Also, the show does have some salty language this time. There's at least one b*******, one bulls***, and maybe a f***? I don't remember. But then again, it's probably less vulgar than most things, including your grandmother. She's got a mouth on her.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Geekspeak Supplemental #13: Jake 2.5

Jacob Lahmann, saddened because he has not appeared on an episode yet in this young season, took it upon himself to record this special edition of Geekspeak. Call it Season 7, Episode 2.5. He tells you what he thinks about Mega Man and his mysterious connection to Journey, Metalocalypse, Spore, and partakes of egregious use of the word "chode". This guy might actually have a future on this show! We should totally have him on some time.

Download the "episode" now!. Trust me - it's pretty awesome. I'm sitting here and laughing as I post this.

And for the record: it was ONE hour of Mega Man. Not two.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Geekspeak Season 7, Episode 2

The great experiment...continues!
There's the stuff, here's the show, you figure it out.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Geekspeak Season 7, Episode 1

Geekspeak returns from the mists of vacation to make the world safe once again for nerds to discuss relatively unimportant things. We're not on the radio any more, but the pip and verve you've come to expect knows no medium, as evidenced by this thunderous lineup!
Holy crap! All this and it's only an hour and fifteen minutes long. You should totally download it - otherwise, why did we do this?


Geekspeak Season 7, Episode 1 Coming Tonight!

Our long national nightmare is almost over, and the next episode of the now radio-free Geekspeak is almost at hand. We recorded it yesterday and all that remains is basically to score it with some music so it's not just dry vocals. That should hopefully be done by tonight, so keep an eye on this here feed and grab it as soon as it's up! Trust me - it's a good 'un.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Geekspeak Supplemental #11: PAX 2008 - A Meeting of the Minds, Pt. 2

It's the de facto largest gaming convention in America, and Geekspeak's own Steve Watts was among the teeming throngs lined up to partake of the bounty provided by Gabe and Tycho, the proprietors of Penny Arcade. (Give it a try - that little comic is gonna go places.) In true "What I Did On My Summer Vacation Style", Mr. Watts sits down with Bryan to discuss the transpirin's. Thrill to his discussion of the prank played on an unsuspecting audience by Geekspeak favorite Jonathan Coulton! Marvel at his description of Clone Wars for the DS! Seethe with jealous rage as he talks about Starcraft 2! It's all here, plus as an added treat there's some information on the upcoming seventh season of Geekspeak.

Download it now

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