Saturday, June 19, 2010


Geekspeak Season 11, Episode 9: Closer Than My Arm You Are To Me

What a show. Bryan, Brad, and Jake (really!) were joined by comics journamalist and comediant David Wolkin for an episode so epic, it took a week to produce. The boys talk about work on the Green Lantern sequel, the new Mortal Kombat, massive Apple leaks, Rock Band 3, and the costs and benefits of fully digital comics...but really, that's just what was on the script. No, this episode was characterized by some of the most epic tangents since your AP geometry class. So if you want to hear a bunch of yokels yammering on about robotic arms and one of the worst/best comics in recent memory for 20-30 minutes at a clip, brother, you are in for a treat and a half. Download it now or suffer the consequences.

Monday, June 07, 2010


Geekspeak Season 11, Episode 8: The RZA, The GZA, And Etc.

Hey, at least we're keeping it biweekly.

Anyway, in this week's episode of Geekspeak, we talk about class action lawsuits, Mario-sponsored drugs, and other video game related stories...then we update you on the Google situation...check in with our first Monkeygeddon update...potential malware in your favorite cellular provider's App store...and debate the merits of a proposed tax on consumer electronics to save newspapers in a conversation that is thrilling, insightful, and something I was not entirely awake for. Oh, and Jake is back. Download it now.

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