Saturday, August 08, 2009


Geekspeak Season 9, Episode 9: The Action Age Has Arrived

Art by Matthew Allen Smith

This is the longest Geekspeak we've done in a while, and there's a good reason - because it is epic beyond the ken of mortals. Why is that? Because none other than Chris Sims joins us for the show! Chris is the proprietor of The Invincible Super Blog and Action Age Comics, and sat down with us to talk about his work and what he likes in his comics. If you're looking for a discussion of jetpack-wearing gorillas, this is the place! Also, we updated the artificial sperm story from a few weeks back, squealed with glee over the return of the Futurama voice cast, marveled at the work of a blind New Zealand comic artist, and were instantly jealous of New Zealand jet packs. Don't ask me, that whole country just seems to be pretty awesome. Download the show now.

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