Sunday, August 23, 2009


Geekspeak Season 9, Episode 11:

New episode! In this one, we talk about Starcraft 2 DRM, find out what percentage of Twitter messages are useless, poke at Game Informer's poll showcasing astronomical failure rates for the 360, Sony's new strategy of being competitive, and new technology that could help circumvent online censorship in countries around the world. But that's all warmup for the big enchilada of the night - Mr. Jonathan Coulton's triumphant return to the show! JC's here to talk about his new album, Best. Concert. Ever., and also share his thoughts on the Rock Band Network, Portal 2, what famous dead person he'd like to play banjo for, and so much more! JC's always a great interview and you want to hear this show right now so just do it.

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