Monday, August 25, 2008


(Sorta) Final Episode of Geekspeak Tonight!

Hey kids, it's the end of an era tonight at 9 PM Eastern as we bid farewell to the comfortable confines of Modern Rock 91.5 after 6 full seasons of whatever it is we do.

But don't stress, as we're going out with a bang. Two full hours of Geekspeak action are coming to you tonight. That's right. TWO. Plus, we've got lots of special guests, some fond reminiscing, and lots more. Plus, we're going to be bringing you all the news and discussion you've come to expect - I said we're going out the way we came in, and I mean it.

All good things must come to an end...but then again, all good things can rise from the ashes, too. Stay tuned for updates, as you have not heard the last of Geekspeak. Trust me.
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