Saturday, July 26, 2008


Geekspeak Supplemental #10: Live from SKATE WAR!

So the Geekspeak crew hit the road and braved the sunlight and crowds of athletic people to broadcast live from the annual Skate War event as part of a Modern Rock 91.5 remote broadcast. What ensued was about 45 minutes of standard-issue Geekspeak wackiness in a brand new location. Join Bryan, Jake, Wags, and Scooter as we talk about obscene amounts of Dark Knight cash, legal action over Facebook applications, and all the latest Comic-Con and fighting game news. Outside. Did I mention it was outside?

Please pardon the audio quality, as we were not exactly in a prime spot for broadcast, and I had to clean up the audio. In addition, a few bits of audio were clipped due to technical difficulties. Even so, the show went on and was a lot of fun, so download it here!

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