Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Geekspeak Season 3, Episode 2

The unstoppable juggernaut that is Season Three barrels forward with an episode that has been aptly described as "out of control, but in a good way". We talk about Silver Surfer quarters and WoW wishes in the News of the Week. Frank has a Grindhouse-centric Frankly Speaking for us, which leads to a spirited discussion about...things. Katie pontificates on what it means to be a "geezer" in Katie at Large, and is quickly baited into a back-and-forth on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 by Bryan. Jake talks about nudity in Halo In Lahmann's Terms, and we manage to squeak in a couple special "In A Fight" 60-Second Soundoffs to satisfy your uncontrollable bloodlust.

As always, you can download the new episode by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Geekspeak Season Three, Episode One: Hour 2

In the thrilling second hour of our Two-Hour Spectacular, Frank unleashes the fell hounds of a grande-sized Frankly Speaking, in which he discusses TNA exclusivity, TNA of a different sort with augmented Harry Potter posters, and how Photoshop may be more effective than the Hair Club for Men. Jake likes Smash Brothers, and talks about it. Katie brings us the first installment of Katie At Large, this one's about our favorite geek girls, and there is also talk of pirates. We perform a post-mortem on Spider-Man 3, and wrap up the show with a 60-Second Soundoff. I think there's some more awkward moments in here too.

Get the most from your Geekspeak dollar (or lack thereof) by downloading the new episode here.


Geekspeak Season Three, Episode One: Hour 1

On this, the first half of the two-hour Geekspeak Season Premiere Spectacular, we've got all kinds of terrific stuff in the News of the Week. We'll talk about Starcraft 2, Tom Jane leaving the Punisher sequel, Fantastic Four quarters, dubious Halo 3 awards that could have set off a political incident, and lots more, including all your favorite trademark awkward moments. There may not be any music, but we've got some fantastic new blood in the studio, including the illustrious Katie Beckman and Jake Lahmann, who's filling a seat for the first time. Be nice to him! Hour two will be up shortly.

You can download this episode by clicking here.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Geekspeak Supplemental #6: The Mick Foley Interview

In this exclusive interview, we talk with Hardcore Legend (you have to capitalize it) and best-selling author about Mick Foley. Hear him talk about his career as a writer, what he thinks of the new ECW and professional wrestling these days in general, his favorite geeky pasttimes, and exactly what he thinks of Frank's futon. All this, and a great Sly Stallone impersonation! Parts of this interview were broadcast May 1, 2007 as part of Season Two, Episode 16.
This is the full version of that interview.

You can download the interview by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Geekspeak Season 2, Episode 16

Well, this is it - the final episode of Season Two, and the last appearance of Lindsey and Kevin on the show as regular contributors. A sad time, to be sure, but who has time to be sad when there's so much going on in this episode? We've got an example of why you shouldn't post party pictures on Myspace and talk of pirated Spider-Man 3 DVDs in the News of the Week. Lindsey kicks off her "Get Right For The Summer Exer-Palooza" in this week's Two Minutes of a Girl Talking. Frank laments the death of ECW (what is this, the second or third time this year?) in Frankly Speaking, and speaking of wrestling, we've got an interview with the ONE AND ONLY HARDCORE LEGEND MICK FOLEY. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. All this, a Soundoff, and Lindsey and Kevin's parting thoughts. Season Two is dead, long live Season Two.

You can download this episode by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Geekspeak Supplemental #5: Real World Report - New Planet

On this edition of the Real World Report that we unfortunately did not have time to air, Adam lets us in on all the latest astronomical happenings as he discusses the serious implications and ramifications of discovering a new planet that could possibly sustain human life. That, and he makes about a dozen "Uranus" jokes.

You can download this supplemental Real World Report by clicking here.

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