Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Geekspeak Season Three, Episode One: Hour 2

In the thrilling second hour of our Two-Hour Spectacular, Frank unleashes the fell hounds of a grande-sized Frankly Speaking, in which he discusses TNA exclusivity, TNA of a different sort with augmented Harry Potter posters, and how Photoshop may be more effective than the Hair Club for Men. Jake likes Smash Brothers, and talks about it. Katie brings us the first installment of Katie At Large, this one's about our favorite geek girls, and there is also talk of pirates. We perform a post-mortem on Spider-Man 3, and wrap up the show with a 60-Second Soundoff. I think there's some more awkward moments in here too.

Get the most from your Geekspeak dollar (or lack thereof) by downloading the new episode here.

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