Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Geekspeak Season 2, Episode 16

Well, this is it - the final episode of Season Two, and the last appearance of Lindsey and Kevin on the show as regular contributors. A sad time, to be sure, but who has time to be sad when there's so much going on in this episode? We've got an example of why you shouldn't post party pictures on Myspace and talk of pirated Spider-Man 3 DVDs in the News of the Week. Lindsey kicks off her "Get Right For The Summer Exer-Palooza" in this week's Two Minutes of a Girl Talking. Frank laments the death of ECW (what is this, the second or third time this year?) in Frankly Speaking, and speaking of wrestling, we've got an interview with the ONE AND ONLY HARDCORE LEGEND MICK FOLEY. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. All this, a Soundoff, and Lindsey and Kevin's parting thoughts. Season Two is dead, long live Season Two.

You can download this episode by clicking here.

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