Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Geekspeak Season 3, Episode 8

It's a Transformapalooza on this week's show, as we talk about nerd smackdowns, busted pirates, and lots more in the News of the Week (with some Bob Hoskins to boot!). Frank talks about the mysterious "Cloverfield" trailer that was attached to the movie and we postulate what it could mean in this week's Frankly Speaking. Katie has a proper review of the movie, in which Bryan can't seem to shut up, in Katie at Large. There's no Transformers talk In Lahmann's Terms this week, but he does talk about some games that should be fun. And in the Soundoff, find out what car your favorite Geekspeaker would turn into! There's more than meets the ear to this show (Yuk yuk yuk)!

You can download the new episode by clicking here.

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