Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Geekspeak Season 3, Episode 11

And it was written that an eleventh episode would be delivered upon the world in this third season, and that the streets would run red with strawberry jam for some reason. In this week's show, Bryan tackles the Robocalypse and news of Futurama's return in the News of the Week. Frank talks about the Youtube debates and whether or not they're the future of democracy in Frankly Speaking. Katie reviews the Simpsons movie in Katie at Large and - once again - Bryan doesn't shut up. Drew talks Hollywood and Comic-Con in That Segment Drew Does, and Jake brings it home to video game town in Lahmann's Terms. All this, plus a special Batman-flavored Soundoff, makes for one cool refreshing blast of nerdiness to ease those long summer days!

You can listen to this week's episode by clicking here.

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