Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Geekspeak Season 2, Episode 14

You want a new episode of Geekspeak? How convenient. I just happen to have one here. And a fine one it is, with a brief tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, news on Ed Norton as the Hulk and more in the News of the Week. In the Real World Report, Adam starts talking about Robocop armor and doesn't stop for about three minutes. Lindsey discusses Hippie Christmas (Earth Day) in Two Minutes of A Girl Talking, while Frank discusses the pitfalls of the Hippocratic Oath in Frankly Speaking. And, for our 60-Second Soundoff, we talk about the early days of the Internet and address cake as well. Mmm. Cake. All this, plus unnecessary and borderline creepy Pokemon sound clips! Why aren't you downloading already?

The new episode can be downloaded by clicking here.

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