Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Geekspeak Season 2, Episode 8

Geekspeak will be taking a vacation next week, but before that we've got this week's episode. And it's a doozy, even if an obstinate air conditioner can be heard rattling through the entire thing. That annoyance aside, on this week's episode we discussed subliminal messages in slot machines, terrorism in Second Life, news on Sin City 2 and a live-action Justice League movie, and lots more fun in the News of the Week. Frank discusses failed Tests, internet inaccuracies, and is briefly married to Tina Fey in this week's Frankly Speaking, Lindsey checks in to illuminate the terrifying world of Second Life for us, Adam tells us all about lasers, and Bryan comes to a slow and gentle revelation about precisely where the Mac has been all his life. Add in a 60-Second Soundoff (we were running short on time) and all the regular tomfoolery, and it's almost like you don't even need an episode next week! Just listen to this one again.

You can download this episode by clicking here.

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