Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 11

We welcome forensics coach and wrasslin' geek Katie Beckman to the fold with this episode. On
it? We talk Spider-Man 3 trailer, the upcoming clash o' the titans between the Wii and the PS3,
dolphins that can sing the Batman theme song, and Nicholas Cage. We also give you an update on the Coming Robot Apocalypse, and dedicate a very special Chicken Dance to Frank's dearly
departed friend. Nicole, we will miss you.

Of course, Frank's got his wrasslin' report, and Lindsey comes out of nowhere with a really
intriguing 2 Minutes Of A Girl Talking that was really more like Seven Minutes Of A Girl
Talking and a lot of fun. To sum up: new panelist, Spider-Man 3, nerds in come
you're not downloading it already?

You can download the podcast by clicking here.

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