Friday, October 20, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 7

Our transmitter went down like, I don't know, maybe two, three, a billion times during this episode. This means two things: 1) Much of this is really "internet-exclusive" content, and 2) The whole pace of the show is different. Not the most polished show we've ever done, but we had some fun and still managed to put together a decent enough show in the face of adversity.

We discuss Kingdom Hearts II, iPod viruses, K-Fed getting his butt kicked on Raw, taxes in MMORPGs, and lots more. Plus, we started a new feature, Geekspeak Essentials, where we'll run down the essential media/etc. that anyone who listens to the show should see/hear/read/etc. - This week, it's movies, and the illustrious WMHW Program Director Adam Barragato drops in for a surprise film critique throwdown. Not a perfect show, but it's a great illustration of live radio and was still a lot of fun to do.

You can download the show here.

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