Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 13

Back to the half-hour format this week, but we still managed to fit scads o'stuff into it. Thrill as we discuss a new Constantine movie! Tremble in terror as we chat about injuries sustained from playing the Wii! Gasp in awe as Adam shows up halfway through and makes a personal challenge to Bill O'Reilly in our Big Topic! Dance a merry jig with our one-two punch of Frank's Wrasslin' Report and Two Minutes of a Girl Talking! It's one podcast, but it inspires so much emotion.

You can download the podcast by clicking here.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 12

It's Thanksgiving, and do we ever have a feast for you! It's the first-ever full-hour Geekspeak! It's probably our single biggest show of all time, with a full deck of people in the studio - every mic manned! Joining us for this show and making their triumphant returns in doing so are Katie Beckman and Adam Barragato, and a lot of fun they are.

We talk about the shocking news of Peter Jackson leaving the Tolkien universe, the new Harry Potter trailer, Bruce Lee coming back to life, and more. Frank and Katie chat about women wrestlers in the Wrasslin' Report, Lindsey talks about Harry Potter in 2 Minutes, and for our (two!) Big Topics this week, we discuss what we are thankful for as geeks along with a blow-by-blow analysis of the launch weekend madness for the PS3 and the Wii.

As you chow down on turkey, treat yourself to some brain food too...along with a heaping side of cliches, apparently. Huh.

You can download the new episode here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 11

We welcome forensics coach and wrasslin' geek Katie Beckman to the fold with this episode. On
it? We talk Spider-Man 3 trailer, the upcoming clash o' the titans between the Wii and the PS3,
dolphins that can sing the Batman theme song, and Nicholas Cage. We also give you an update on the Coming Robot Apocalypse, and dedicate a very special Chicken Dance to Frank's dearly
departed friend. Nicole, we will miss you.

Of course, Frank's got his wrasslin' report, and Lindsey comes out of nowhere with a really
intriguing 2 Minutes Of A Girl Talking that was really more like Seven Minutes Of A Girl
Talking and a lot of fun. To sum up: new panelist, Spider-Man 3, nerds in come
you're not downloading it already?

You can download the podcast by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 10

It's the night after Election night and those of us at Geekspeak are recovering, especially Bryan who stayed up until 4 AM to keep track of what was going on (and he only got paid to do so until 1 AM - what a loser). Still, we had to make note of it, and we do with a couple segments - a Superhero Spectacular where we discuss the torrent of incoming Marvel movies as well as political affiliations of your favorite superheroes, as well as some words from Lindsey.

We also chatted about Kevin Federline's breakup with Britney Spears and if his WWE stint had anything to do with it (hint: it didn't) and made fun of Tomonobu Itagaki for being a creepy sex offender. You had to be there.

You can download this week's podcast here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Geekspeak Season 1, Episode 9

This was another fun episode. We discussed all kinds of movie news, from Halo to Speed Racer, chatted a bit about Kingdom Hearts, bragged a little about going to Wrestlemania next year, all kinds of stuff. Bryan went nuts in this episode, cursing the name of "trust fund kids" that can actually afford the PS3 and very nearly quoting the entirety of V's introductory speech for the intro. Frank chimed in with a very nostalgia-driven Wrasslin' Report, Lindsey and Frank drop some dramatic readings of Dinosaur Comics in 2 Minutes, and we discuss whether or not we're too reliant on technology as a culture.

You can download the new episode here.

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