Sunday, February 21, 2010


Geekspeak Season 11, Episode 1: Too Phat to Phly

Geekspeak is back after a brief hiatus! Regular updates should hopefully resume now (at least, they would in a just world). Anyway, Season Eleven (so named because of an arbitrary system) begins with a veritable stew of topicry - our heroes discuss everything from Kevin Smith being "too fat to fly" to the possibility of Watchmen 2 to the new Windows phone to Google's new translation gadget to Xbox Live heroics to the moral and ethical implications of the propagation of Earth biology across the universe. Plus, you'll learn all about Team Geekspeak's plan to represent the stars and stripes in the 2014 Winter Games.

So go ahead and download it! It's not the worst thing you'll do this week.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Geekspeak Season 10, Episode 12: (i)Padding The Running Time

The new episode of Geekspeak has emerged from its cocoon and staggered blinking into the sunlight. It glances over its albumen-coated shoulder. "HERE ARE UPDATES ON THE CONAN AND SPIDER-MAN STORIES", an inscription in an eldritch language that is at once unfamiliar to him and something he has never seen before. Another wall boasts of "RECORDS SET BY AVATAR" and "SUBMERSIBLES FOR THE RICH". Suddenly, an unbidden hand rests upon its shoulder, and a bald man in a turtleneck beckons him forward. "THE IPAD LIES THIS WAY", the man says. "ALL SHALL BE ANSWERED." And so the new episode became part of the aether, ready to be accessed by you.

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