Friday, January 27, 2012


Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 5: The David Bowie We Deserve

This week, Bryan, Lindsey, and Justin welcome long-time friend of the show Robbi Rodriguez to talk about the ever-growing tablet market, Newt Gingrich's plans for the moon, and more importantly Robbi's latest work, like Frankie Get Your Gun and Polly and the Pirates Vol. 2. Plus, we get some exclusive, never-heard-anywhere-else news about the Maintenance movie! You'll only hear it here, so download it now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 4: The Bagel Show

It's another one-a them "Bryan and Lindsey" episodes, as the two classiest members of Team Geekspeak put together a classy show with classy stuff to be classy about. DOWNTON ABBEY. On this episode, we lament George Lucas retiring (in spite of everything), ponder a world in which copyright can be re-instated on public domain material, and contribute our thoughts on PIPA and SOPA to an overcrowded marketplace of ideas. So scurry along and download it!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 3: Taking a Turn For The Sad and Weird

On this week's episode of Geekspeak, we welcome back two fan favorites as Jacob Lahmann and Robbi Rodriguez join in the fracas. We'll talk about fraud-proof credit card technology, whether criminals think physical media is worth stealing, and how Frank Darabont would have begun season 2 of The Walking Dead. It's all here for you to download, or not, presuming you believe that free will exists.

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Geekspeak Season 14, Episode 2: Three Easy Steps

A new episode of Geekspeak has made itself known. This week, we talk about Microsoft's video woes, weird Steve Jobs memorabilia, cat sweaters, Bane's audio woes, Kanye West and the Jetsons, and bronies. Because we're going to have to talk about bronies when Wags is around. The episode is here. Go download it!Link

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